About Us

Xtant Real, headquartered in Wakefield, has a global team with presence in London, Washington, and Bangalore. Leading the way in cryptocurrency indexing by clarifying Real Digital Assets to the world.
RDA Index was created and is maintained by a team of cryptocurrency analysts, mathematicians, and software craftsmen led by:
Kazeem Adio - Co-Founder
Arfan Ismail PhD. - Co-Founder

Our strong team include:
Etuka Onono - Quant
Ismail Adeniran PhD. - Artificial Intelligence (NLP) Engineer
Alan Paginton - Community Manager
Shazad Fiaz - CFO
Alex Nerguizian - Client Director (US)
David Herring - UX Advisor
Isa Truchet - Strategy Advisor

We aim to make RDA Index the de facto global cryptocurrency index for investors, analysts and financial regulators. We are currently in talks with some of the largest financial data vendors to rebroadcast RDA Index to their clients.

RDA Index Roadmap

Jun '18 - MVP

RDA Index 10

MVP: Top 10 Real Digital Assets from the top 30 by largest market capitalisation. With this release comes a community reward of 250 RDAi tokens to our early supporters: First 1,000 subscribers to our mailing list.

June '19 - MERCHANT

RDA 50 Index

Top 50 Real Digital Assets from the top 100 by largest market capitalisation. Other features include RDA Index user registration, Waves platform integration, Token sale, and free service subscription.

Dec '19 - KING

RDA 100 Index

This a major release featuring the top 100 Real Digital Assets from the top 300 by largest market capitalisation. RDA 100 Index release will include NLP integration, customisable attribute-weightings and enterprise subscription.

Aug '20 - EMPEROR

Xtant Real Mainnet

Xtant Real's own blockchain network. RDA Index Mobile App

Jan '21 - MATRIX

RDA Certification

RDA Technology Managed Certification for the world's cryptocurrencies.