Addressable Market

Retail Investors

Retail investors presently control over £250bn in the crypto marketplace, distributed across more than 50 million active cryptocurrency users worldwide . Growth in user numbers continues to curve steadily upwards.

As political and media discourse about cryptocurrencies expands in response to business maneuvering by global corporations keen to take advantage of this trend, we anticipate considerable growth at an accelerated pace over the next 3 year period. While regulatory uncertainty leaves much to be decided about how that global rollout may unfold, the only reliable expectations are that:

1. Many more people will learn about and gain access to cryptocurrency than ever before, through newly accessible tools and applications based on communications platforms with which they are already familiar
2. All cryptoassets will receive a boost in network effects as a consequence
3. As new entrants gain access to the market via the Calibra wallet and native assets, many will seek to explore further and gain exposure to other cryptocurrencies with different attributes in terms of decentralisation, speculative potential and privacy. As such they will require reliable and independent sources of comparative information.

Institutional Investors

In addition to the 50 million active individual/retail cryptocurrency users, there are thousands of enterprise cryptocurrency data users in the target market for RDAi. Increasing numbers of professional fund managers are seeking exposure to the potential returns of digital currencies, while being keen to hedge their downside risks. In many cases more risk-averse than individual speculators, they are hungry for reliable benchmarking with which to underpin their strategies, in an asset-class offering little intrinsic analysis.

Financial Data Vendors

Finally, a third addressable market is the tier one financial data vendors, who require the best and most accurate reference points for the comparison and classification of digital assets, as a constant data flow for white-labelling and resell.


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