Use Cases

The RDAi is a next generation index and differentiates itself from existing products through the following specific benefits: Simplification: RDAi compresses a large amount of unwieldy information and complexity into a reliable, investible and easy-to use-data set.

Speed: Fast and reliable identification of valuable cryptocurrencies with intrinsic value. Establish asset ranking at a glance. Objective Asset pricing: Beating market-hype and false information, RDAi derives the true price of every cryptocurrency.

Risk Management: RDA Index top cryptocurrencies are rooted in micro-economic dynamics. As a result, the index limits investor exposure to speculative forward-looking sentiments and macro-economic risks such as inflation, regulatory uncertainty, interest rates, etc.

RDA Exchange Rates: The world's first non-fiat cryptocurrency exchange system. Know how much a cryptocurrency exchanges for another cryptocurrency in real worth.

Regulation, Risk & Compliance

Helps address risks related to consumer and investor protection. Define custom RDA score components to align with regulatory and compliance policies per jurisdiction.

Market Commentary

A simplified and objective perspective on cryptoassets. Provide rich commentary without reading literally thousands of technical whitepapers.

Portfolio Management

Insightful portfolio management. Leverage RDA Index to aggregate assets and establish overall portfolio intrinsic value - RDA Score.

Trade Execution Strategiest

Identify cryptoassets with high intrinsic value and reliability as a store of value. Identify risks related to integrity and systemic issues. Move from hype to knowledge-based trading.


Use intrinsic value analysis to enrich cryptoasset research and validate projections. Publish and sell research based to RDA Index framework and methodology.

Analytical Tool

User our enterprise APIs to ingest RDA Index into apps or dashboards. Define custom RDA score compoments to build personalise RDA Index.


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