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RDA Index was originally created in 2017 by Kazeem AdioDr. Ismail Adeniran and Dr. Arfan Ismail.  Founded in April 2018,  Xtant Real is the owner and maintainer of RDA Index. 



To promote economic inclusion and growth in every country around the world.



Create the de facto fundamentally weighted index for cryptoassets.

Kazeem Adio


Arfan Ismail PhD


Kirkdale Mcdowall-Rose

Strategy Advisor

Etuka Onono

Lead Quant

Martin Geller

Consultant Quant

Lilian Wazanre PhD

Data Scientist

We are working with Digital Assets Data (DAD) to consolidate our data sources into a single bucket on DAD platform. DAD is a fintech and data company building enterprise-grade software and data feeds for crypto hedge funds and other market participants. 
Geometri advise Xtant Real on business strategy.  Founded by a team of consultants and developers, Geometri bring the benefits of machine learning and cognitive computing to simplify  business transformation  and growth.
PureKernel is a syndicate of business and IT consultants who help organisations build high-performance capabilities. Headquartered in the UK, PureKernel provide systems support for RDA Index.
Innstrat is our strategic advisor on innovation and IP protection.  Xtant Real and Innstrat share co-founders and both organisations are working together to scale RDA Index across industries and countries.
Datarade makes it easy to democratise and distribute RDA Index data to institutions. Their data commerce platform helps us create a delightful data shopping experiences for our prospects and customers.
CoinMarketCap is the world's most-referenced price-tracking website for cryptoassets in the rapidly growing crypto industry. CoinMarketcap provides us with the most up-to-date blockchain and market data.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Founded in March 2018 UK, Xtant Real (XR) is the owner and maintainer of RDA Index.

Cryptoassets are cryptographic objects of value that can reside and travel across one or more blockchain networks. They can be used as a means of payment for goods and services hence are regarded as (crypto) currencies. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

RDA Index is short for Real Digital Asset Index. RDA Index is a system of evaluating and ranking cryptoassets based on their intrinsic value. RDA Index enables fundamental analysis of the crypto asset class.

RDA Index is a multi-factor fundamentally weighted index for the crypto asset class while most crypto indices are market capitalisation weighted.

RDA Index is accurate and reliable based on our RDA-Attributes weighted methodology. The attributes we consider in the construction of RDA Index are the fundamental drivers of cryptoasset usage.

RDA Index is updated every 15 minutes.

RDA Attribute is a factor that determines the reliability of a cryptoasset as a store of value. Grouped into four distinct categories, RDA attributes include business ecosystem stability, digital utility, technology efficiency and sentiments.

Real Digital Asset Point is a measure of the intrinsic value of a cryptoasset. The RDA Point is defined on a 0 to infinity scale.

The Intrinsic Value (IV) score determines the IV Rating of a cryptoasset. RDA IV Ratings empower people and institutions to identify toxic assets and counter-party risks.

The RDA Index Level is a measure of how the fundamentals of the cryptoasset market is faring as a comparison over time. The RDA Index Level is technically defined as the maximum value of the RDA Points at any given point. It serves as a reference for the evolution of the fundamental drivers of the cryptoasset industry. By definition, it is the higher frontier of intrinsic value of cryptoassets

The RDA exchange rate system is a non-fiat cryptoasset exchange rate. Based on the ratio of RDA Points between assets, the RDA exchange rate is computed.

The fundamental price of a cryptoasset is the objective or fair price devoid of excessive speculation.

RDA Index can be used in several ways. It is primarily used to determine the intrinsic value of cryptoassets and establish the overall fundamental value of the cryptoasset market. Other uses include managing investment risks associated with a highly volatile asset class and identifying issues with cryptoassets in relation to consumer protection.

RDA Index is vital to market analysts, investment fund managers, retail and professional cryptoasset investors and regulatory agencies. RDA Index is trusted by several companies including HubrisOne.

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