Digital Assets Data Partnership

Posted: Tuesday, 08 September 2020 - 12:00

Xtant Real and Digital Assets Data Partner to Build New Rating System for Crypto
United Kingdom, Reading


Xtant Real, a cryptocurrency indexing system, has announced its partnership with Digital Assets Data, a financial technology and data company focused on the burgeoning cryptoasset industry, in order to build out the global method to measure and rank digital assets based on business ecosystem stability, digital utility, technology efficiency, and market sentiments. The rating system, Real Digital Asset Index (RDAi), is a multi-factor index that verifies which cryptocurrencies qualify as a reliable store of value.

As part of the collaboration, Digital Assets Data will provide market data, blockchain network data, project reference data, and social media sentiment data to inform and calculate the RDA Index. Once complete, Xtant Real is expected to migrate from its current multi-source data integration to unified-source data platform.

Etuka Onono, Head of Quantitative Analysis, Xtant Real, said: “Digital Assets Data’s full stack, institutional-quality data platform will allow us to propel the RDA Index to the next level, as we aim to build out the de facto global cryptocurrency index for investors, analysts and financial regulators. With one stream of institutional-grade, highly customizable, and sophisticated data, we will be able to significantly reduce costs, as well as drastically improve our overall rating system for significant crypto market participants.”

Based on a multi-factor analysis, the RDA Index evaluates, scores and ranks cryptocurrencies in intrinsic value order. The index was created by a team of leading cryptocurrency analysts, mathematicians, and software experts.


About Xtant Real
Xtant Real is leading the way in cryptocurrency indexing by clarifying Real Digital Assets to the world. Headquartered in Wakefield, the company has a global team, with a presence in London, Reading and San Francisco Bay Area. Its primary product, the Real Digital Asset Index, is the first global method to measure, and rank digital assets in order of intrinsic value based on four groups of attributes: business ecosystem stability, digital utility, technology efficiency, and market sentiments.


About Digital Assets Data
Digital Assets Data is a financial technology and data company building enterprise-grade software and data feeds for crypto hedge funds, protocol teams, family offices, research firms, global consulting firms, banks, sovereigns, and other market participants. The company recently closed its first equity round, led by North Island, the investment firm of prominent technology investor and Silver Lake co-founder Glenn Hutchins, along with his son, James Hutchins. For more information, visit


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